Reflection and Change

When you have read my story, feel free to give the song a listen and take time for personal reflection.

Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror is my go-to reflection song. From the age of 5 to the age of 18 I took dance classes held once a week. Every week we would have a time to stretch between tap and jazz. It was always the same; As we all took off our tap shoes and laced up our shoes for jazz, our teacher would put in the CD. By the time we were all ready to stretch, our teacher had just pressed play.

The song meant nothing to me as a young child, and even as I reached 18 I was still unaware of all the messages MJ was sending us through this song. When I reached high school, I began to notice that I would tear up during stretches. I was taking those 5 minutes of calm, and reflecting on my life, my day, my week and my self. I was subconsciously reflecting and making realizations that inevitably left me in tears in five minutes flat. I’ve come to realize that it was a combination of The King of Pop, the level of comfort and peace I felt within those dance studio walls, and my determination to find meaning in everything that created the foundation for my very reflective future. Now I listen to this song and still think back on my days, weeks and inner self; but I also incorporate the importance of change in my thoughts. We do not go through life unchanged and should not expect others to initiate change around us.

❤ Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Ghandi

What do you wish to change?

-The Kirminator